21 Feb

Anyone at any age can make a difference

Katherine | February 21st, 2012

Now that I’ve had some time to get some sleep and get back in the swing of things, I have some final thoughts about this trip and what I’ve learned. First off, I think it has finally hit me how incredible this opportunity is. I have been able to meet some incredible people, like a surgeon who led the team to separate vertically conjoined twins and a world famous architect who designed an aesthetically pleasing building for those who have cancer to recover at for the Maggies foundation. Being asked to present at this conference was such an honor, an honor I’m not sure I’m completely deserving of. An added bonus was being able to travel with Provost Wheatly. I know that she is a huge advocate for women in the STEM fields, which is also really important to me. I have taken a very unusual route through becoming involved with science and engineering, but I hope that my story can prove that absolutely anyone at any age can make a difference in their communities if they truly have the drive to do so. I’m frequently asked about the next steps for the Pain Free Socket, and for myself. For my product, we have just completed the third generational phase and will be moving into the fourth soon. Then I will be starting small scale testing with a few patients who fit my patient profile. As for me, I will continue to develop this product and am looking forward to getting involved with other companies, especially those that have a humanitarian focus. I enjoy working with other WVU students to increase innovation on campus, as well as work to create more student run West Virginia companies. And of course, I look forward to continuing to represent WVU at home and abroad.

19 Feb

Coming home after a fantastic trip

Katherine | February 19th, 2012

I’m currently sitting in Heathrow airport, waiting for my first flight to DC. I’ve been to some huge airports before, but this is unreal. I’m starting to adjust to London time, which of course would happen just as I’m on my way home! Even though this was an incredibly short trip, I have had a fantastic time. The Summit was great; I made some great contacts and hopefully inspired the audience with my story. I’m so thankful Dr. Wheatly could accompany me, and we could represent WVU well here in London. Right now I can’t wait to be back in my own time zone, but London, I will be back!
photo of a poster with royal guard with the words good-bye

18 Feb

So fortunate to have this opportunity

Katherine | February 18th, 2012

I gave my presentation today to an absolutely wonderful reception. I was a little nervous because of the audience, but I was very comfortable and was asked some really interesting questions. I’ve made some great connections here and have found a spokesperson here in Europe for the pain free socket. I’m so fortunate to have this opportunity, and I feel I have learned so much from all of the brilliant presenters here today.

17 Feb

Old friends meet again

Katherine | February 17th, 2012
 Logo I had a wonderful night reconnecting with a good friend I met in 2010 while competing at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). I got the abbreviated tour to see some of the biggest tourist sights (Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye), which was pretty surreal. I have not slept since I was on the flight, so I am more then ready to get some sleep for the big day ahead tomorrow. I got the tour of the auditorium today where I will be presenting, and am pretty confident about my presentation, so fingers crossed it all goes as planned!

Big Ben

17 Feb

Tailwinds to London

Katherine | February 17th, 2012

I’m officially in London! The flight ended up being two hours shorter then scheduled (thank you tailwinds!) and Provost Wheatly and I arrived with no problems. We got to our hotel, the Domus Medicas, with no problems. We got lunch in the hotel restaurant and the conference director, Paul, found us there. I struck up conversation with a South African doctor who is here building a company, and Paul said this informal networking is huge here at the Royal Society of Medicine. I’m off to get a quick nap before heading to BBC’s studios to interview, and later dinner with friends!

16 Feb

Waiting at the airport

Katherine | February 16th, 2012

Currently sitting at the airport waiting to leave for DC. I finished my presentation about twenty minutes ago, and I’ll have a very long flight to perfect it! I’m looking forward to getting off the ground, and getting on our way!

16 Feb

Quite the trip

Katherine | February 16th, 2012

I’m leaving for London tonight, so this morning is going to be spent packing and finishing up my presentation. I think I’m most looking forward to being in a new country (even if not for very long) and being able to share my story with a completely unique audience. I’m so glad I got to sit down with Provost Wheatley before we leave today, because she reminded me of some logistical things that I’d never even thought of (like how the electricity is different and we would need power adapters). Hopefully I can get some sleep on the plane (wishful thinking), because I found out that BBC wants to film with me a couple of hours after we land. This is going to be quite the trip.